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hi im sean and im a loserkid. i listen to alot of music like blink 182, nofx, green day, rise against and stuff.

this is my story in pictures, words, and videos. thanks for coming, but i understand if you want to leave
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im sick to death of being alone, sick to death of looking for a good reason to come home from work, im sick to death of relying on a drug to get me too sleep and stop these thoughts, im sick to death of thinking about people who dont even think about me, im sick to death of trying to make others happy and sacrificing my personal happiness, im sick to death of wasting my money, im sick to death of letting my family down, im sick to death of watching my parents cry because of me. 

im sick

ive ruined my life

typing on tumblr because i have no-one else to complain too.

does anyone else feel so alone, when your surrounded by people? i have nothing keeping me here, no strong family bond, no relationship, no heart. everything i ever truly loved ive lost or thrown it away. i see nothing worth coming home for. every-days totally the same. wish i could just run away and start over where no body knows me. 

currently hating life. 

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